A puzzling cell site case

This month’s cell site blog takes a look at an obscure case involving international roaming. Dr Iain Brodie tackles an unusual occurrence involving breaking and entering.

Call data records were supplied, but they showed an unexpected pattern of calls which would leave even the most experienced cell site analyst baffled.

This is featured in the case study below. If you require more information, please feel free to get in touch on 01789 261200 or email ibrodie@ccl-forensics.com.

Case study: An unusual international roaming scenario

CCL-Forensics’ cell site analysts recently carried out investigations for a case from about a year ago in which the suspect was accused of a spate of breaking and entering.

I was initially very puzzled by the call data records for the suspect’s phone, some of which are reproduced below:

Unusual call data activity

As you can see, the call data records appeared to show some very rapid movement of the suspect’s phone – including international roaming. After further analysis, we had to admit that we were a little stumped.

However, ANPR data was subsequently for the suspect’s vehicle was subsequently made available to us. This, together with some eyewitness reports, made the case much clearer and we were able to piece together what had happened, and identify the culprit.

Take a look at the ANPR data below to find out what had happened.

The culprit!

Merry Christmas, and all the best for the new year, from the CCL-Forensics cell site team!


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