XML and plist parser – updated version available

We’ve updated PIP – our XML and plist parser.

PIP has already proved incredibly popular, and is used by a number of investigation agencies across the world.

The new version is available for download here (license key purchase required) – and is a free upgrade to those who have already bought PIP.

We’ve listened to feedback received from the family of PIP users, and have introduced the following improvements:

Improved Interface – to improve work-flow, we have updated the application’s layout

New Tree View – see, at-a-glance, the structure of your data

Automatic building of XPaths – The Tree View can now be used to show PIP the data you are interested in – and PIP generates the XPath automatically.  This feature even works with Apple’s Property List ‘dictionary’ structures.

Import/Export Batch Jobs – Set-up a batch job of XPaths for a particular folder structure (iOS Library or Application folders for example) and then export the batch so that you, or anyone else in your lab can re-use it when you next come across the same data

Command line version – version 1.1 of PIP comes with the “pipcmd” command-line utility, allowing you to integrate PIP into tool chains and other automated tasks

To find out more, or to purchase PIP, please visit our PIP download page.



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