Suspected computer misuse – would you know what to do?

46% of large companies have had staff lose or leak confidential data*

People live a large part of their lives through their computers and mobile phones, and these devices can be seen as an extension to the minds of employees – so it stands to reason that the evidence they contain can be pivotal in internal investigations, disciplinaries and tribunals.

A quarter of frauds suffered by business during 2010-2011 were digital crimes

Computer misuse is almost inevitable, no matter how robust your IT security, policies and procedures. When employees have round-the-clock access to company computer systems and smartphones, there will always be those who will misuse equipment or take liberties with sensitive data to which they have legitimate access.

Whatever the scenario, no matter how small, the initial response is crucial to avoid potential legal problems.

What can you do?

No matter how effective your policies and procedures, and IT security, there will always be risks. CCL-Forensics has put together a one-day course providing delegates with techniques to understand and implement best-practice in dealing with digital evidence.


  • Computer misuse – why I might need a forensic response
  • Contemporaneous notes – how and why
  • Handling digital evidence – chain of custody
  • Locating the data (evidence)
  • Seizing digital devices – theory and practice
  • Forensic data imaging – the theory
  • Forensic data imaging – practical
    • PC
    • Laptop
    • Flash drive
  • Getting data from a network
  • Home directories
    • Email
    • Custom content image
    • Storing digital evidence

When, where and how to book

Date: February 23

Price: £195 + VAT per delegate

Location: Stratford-upon-Avon

For more information and to book online, please visit our website, email or call 01789 261200.